The owner of Pristine says that hard work is worth it when you get to pursue your passion

Millennial Entrepreneurs – Harrison Teed

Harrison Teed has always been into fashion, music and arts.  Growing up skateboarding and snowboarding, he always hung around skate shops.  After spending some time travelling, Teed saw a unique way to bring the brands and vibes he had experienced in other parts of the world back to his hometown of Saint John.  This led him to opening his urban fashion and lifestyle boutique, Pristine.

Since Teed works best under pressure, he rented a small space on Prince Edward Street before he had any of the details officially worked out.  Knowing that becoming an entrepreneur had numerous risks, he saw the logic in starting small.  Harrison quickly began putting a business plan together, and on August 28th, 2013, Pristine officially opened its doors.

After a few years in the industry, Teed decided it would be prudent to move his store to a larger area to get more traffic. Pristine soon settled down on King Street, and is now much more than a “skate shop”.  Along with selling several different brands that generally aren’t available in the Maritimes, Teed uses his creativity to also produce in-house designs and logos.

Harrison heard of Enterprise Saint John through his father, and with the help of Economic Development Officer Joanna Killen has had the opportunity to attend events (hosted by Connexion Works) that have helped Pristine grow.  Enterprise Saint John also nominated Teed for The Chamber’s Outstanding Business Award Young Entrepreneur in 2015.

Describing himself as a “just go for it kind of guy”, Harrison has always been a hard worker.   As a teenager he was always trying to come up with creative new ideas, and the fact that he ended up becoming an entrepreneur is not overly surprising to him.

Teed points out, “who doesn’t dream of becoming their own boss?  That’s the dream!”.  His advice to young people embarking on the entrepreneurship journey is to go for it and “don’t be afraid to get your feet wet”.  When you discover something you are passionate about, like Teed did, the hard work of running a business is fun and ultimately worth it.


(written by Chelsea Floyd)