It's called an Early Idea incubator for a reason.

Entrepreneurs: Find Out Why You Want to be Here

It’s called an Early Idea Incubator for a reason.

Dakota Lutes is the new manager of Vennture Garage located in Connexion works on King Street.  It was started in 2015 by Enterprise Saint John to help grow entrepreneurship in our region.


“When you show up to the Vennture Garage, all you need is a big idea. We’ll provide all the space, resources you need, including coaching along the way and networking opportunities. We’re also going to work on business skill development such as lean canvassing, brand-storming, and marketing to make sure your start-up is a success.”

Dakota Lutes, Vennture Garage


Research shows it takes about 4-5 years for a business to really solidify itself, to recognize whether it will be successful or not. ESJ is there to help entrepreneurs in those first few critical years, giving them the right tools to take them from idea to launch successfully.

Enterprise Saint John believes growth in a community comes from 80 percent within and 20 percent from outside investment. ESJ is here to help in that growth. If you have an idea around exportable products, technological innovations or expansions that could one day move beyond New Brunswick, Enterprise Saint John wants to hear from you.  For more information go to: Entrepreneurs  or  apply to Vennture Garage .