Turning a Good Business Idea into a Successful One

Program Looking For New Entrepreneurs (story & video)

Enterprise Saint John’s Venture Validation Program which starts in September can help you validate your business idea. The program is sure to move aspiring entrepreneurs from idea to opportunity. Entrepreneurs will use applied learning to identify their market, customers, and competition. The program also connects them to one-on-one mentoring from business experts from the University of New Brunswick, Opportunities New Brunswick and in the community.

“People dream up business ideas in their head, thinking this service or product would be perfect for them. This program is about dreaming up business ideas by identifying and resolving the problems of your potential customers. That’s when good ideas become great,” says Dakota Lutes, Entrepreneur Development Officer for Enterprise Saint John.

Workshops will allow them to look at potential pitfalls to avoid but also learn how to properly pitch or share their business idea, get a better understanding of what it might take to start up their business including operation costs.

Amanda Hanson from Simply STYLISH was in the last VVP and says it helped validate that her idea was on the right track.

“It was extremely valuable for me personally and for my business to participate in the VVP. As an entrepreneur, we have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The VVP pushed my comfort zone to really question the value of my business, as well as publicly speaking about it, on a regular basis,” says Hanson.

She also really appreciated the insights of the mentors.

“The coaches and Dakota were top notch and I felt like I was taking a Master’s level course in entrepreneurship. There were clear guidelines, deliverables and opportunities to receive coaching and feedback. This was one of the best things I have done in my life. I have learnt so much, as well as having an amazing outline to start my business the right way. As well as, a larger support and network of fellow coaches and entrepreneurs. Anyone starting or thinking of starting a business in the SJ are, need to get into this course,” adds Hanson.

Two other participants from last VVP session are already turning a profit. Andrew Finlay’s Origin Creative Studios, which uses 3-D camera technology for marketing real estate and Job Burns’ meal preparation and catering company, Busy Day Chefs.

The program will be run in Spring, Fall, and Winter. The upcoming Fall course begins September 12th and has room for 12 participants.

Check out the video on the program here.

Story originally published in Saint John Telegraph Journal, Monday, August 28, 2017.