Enterprise Saint John knows how to make valuable connections between our technology, people and strategic location to drive ideas, investments and Industry opportunities.

Our vision is to become Canada’s Most Connected Community leveraging our technology, our people and strategic location to help bring  industry, ideas and investments together to drive economic prosperity.

We intend to:

  • Build on our strategic location and multi-modal connections to global markets.
  • Ensure our companies have access to a pool of skilled technical talent.
  • Build on our world-class broadband connectivity and harness the power of data to be competitive in the new economy.
  • Develop entrepreneurs, problem-solvers and innovators.
  • Connect companies across sectors to solve corporate challenges, increase business competitiveness and encourage innovation.

Research shows the majority of a region’s economic growth comes from within (80%), while the rest (20%) is from external growth. With that in mind, we focus most of our resources on developing aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups through programs like Emerging Entrepreneurs, Vennture Garage and the SEED loan programs. We help businesses grow through the Catalyst Innovation which focuses on workforce attraction and development, and working to connect our major industrial players with the ideas and talent they need to improve their businesses. We also facilitate research in our key sectors of Energy and industrial Big Data to provide information to companies looking to relocate and develop.

At the heart of everything we do is the idea of cross-sector collaboration, an evolution of the True Growth model implemented in 2013. Working at the centre of a cross-sector model of industrial collaboration, we connect companies, particularly major industrial players, with the investments, ideas, talent, and facilitators needed to solve challenges affecting their business growth.

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