Meet the Board


Larry Hachey of Blue Chip Leasing is our Board's Chair

Larry Hachey of Blue Chip Leasing,
Board Chair


Martin Chiasson is our Treasurer

Martin Chiasson
Board Treasurer


Paulette Hicks of Delta Brunswick

Paulette Hicks,

General Manager, Delta Brunswick,
Board Secretary



Terri Riedle of Revolution Strategy

Terri Riedle,  Revolution Strategy,
Board Executive Member


Mark Sherman, Irving Oil

Mark Sherman of Irving Oil


Mary Keith of J.D. Irving, Limited

Mary Keith of J.D. Irving, Limited


Andrew Oland

President & CEO Moosehead Breweries Ltd


Gary Lawson Q.C. Partner

 Lawson Creamer


Shelley Doucet. Associate Professor, University of New Brunswick Saint John.


Eric Poirier,

Regional Manager, Bell Aliant


Meet the Staff


Stephen Carson, our Chief Executive Officer

Steve Carson,
Chief Executive Officer


Janet Scott,
Director, Business and Community Development


Mike Bacon is the ESJ Director of Administration

Mike Bacon,
Director, Administration


Mark Breen, Economic Development Officer

Mark Breen,
Senior Economic Development Officer


Investment Attraction Officer

Investment Attraction Officer


Eleanor MacLean is the ESJ Communications Officer

Eleanor MacLean,


Michele Lodge is our Project Coordinator for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Michele Lodge,
Project Coordinator, Emerging Entrepreneurs


Dakota Lutes,
Entrepreneur Development Coordinator


Janice Pearson,


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