Enterprise Saint John’s Emerging Entrepreneurs Program has been inspiring young entrepreneurs since 2002.
Every year ESJ’s Michele Lodge works with high school teachers and students across the region to create sessions and projects that expose them to the possibilities of creating their own business. A major focus is incorporating problem solving and innovation into entrepreneurial programming.

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Highlights of 2016 Program

More than 500 young people attended Entrepreneurship Experience and Engagement Initiatives.

More than 400 young people participated in ICT Skills and Innovative Thought Building initiatives.

50 young people participated in Business Launch Initiatives.

More than 150 young people attended Networking and Trade Show Events.

More than 690 students attended Entrepreneurship Awareness activities.

A total of 1,918 young people were reached by the Emerging Entrepreneurs Program

If you know of a student or young person interested in Entrepreneurship, contact Michele Lodge at mlodge@enterprisesj.com