Enterprise Saint John Discovery Sessions

Who: Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit

What: The Enterprise Saint John Discovery Session will be used to familiarize the client with ESJ entrepreneurial services. The client with will explain their business idea and the Entrepreneur Development Coordinator will determine the appropriate program for the client

When: Thursday 9:00 am-12:00 pm by appointment. Just fill out this form

Where: ConnexionWorks, 3rd Floor, 1 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick

Ready to Start

Who: Early stage entrepreneurs or anyone considering an idea for a business

What: 60-90 minute workshop led by ESJ staff. This workshop covers: identification of skills required for running a business, creating a business plan, developing cash flow projections.

When: Quarterly

Where: ConnexionWorks, 3rd Floor, 1 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick

Kickstart Your Business

Who: Entrepreneurs with newly or nearly established businesses

What: 12-week business networking and skills program, bringing together 10-15 new entrepreneurs all in their first year of business. As part of the program, participants attend a financial boot camp and key primer courses including sales, marketing, social media and pitching your business.  Cost is $350 (taxes included)

When: Register at info@enterprisesj.com by March 31, 2017. Session starts April 5, 2017

Where: ConnexionWorks, 3rd Floor, 1 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick


Who: Any entrepreneur in the Urban Saint John area who is starting a business. Entrepreneurs under the age of 35 are eligible to apply for business expansion funding.

What: The SEED loan program is a loan fund for the development of local businesses. The fund will permit entrepreneurs to apply for a loan of up to $20,000 on a 5-year term. the loan is offered at the interest rate of 2% + prime. It’s interest-free for the first 12 months. In addition to the capital, the program also offers free business management skills training for successful applicants. You can apply on-line, but please NOTE: session does not save and will time out after 1/2 hour. It’s recommended you have your resume, cash-flow statement and business plan ready to upload before starting.

Click here to apply for the SEED Loan

When: Applications are reviewed quarterly

Where: Available for Saint John area residents. If your business is outside Saint John, a similar program is offered.  contact CBDC.

Vennture Garage Saint John

Who: Intended for Individuals with specialized skill set or industry specific knowledge who are seeking to combine their knowledge with business development coaching to create a highly scalable or exportable start-up.

What: Successful applicants will receive extensive resources for the development of their start-up. Participants in the Vennture Garage Saint John Program receive: A ConnexionWorks membership, business skills development coaching, and networking opportunities.  Vennture Garage SJ participants work through four (4) program stages: idea validation, development, testing, and pre-launch. Participants will be expected to move through the program framework on par with program expectations, apply to accelerators, and seek capital investment for the development of their start-up. For more on program expectations, click here: Vennture Garage program Outline.docx

How: It is a competitive program. To be accepted, applicants will fill out the online application, attend a pre-consultation with the program manager, and successfully pitch their idea to the program board.

When: Runs year-round and takes about 12 months to complete, but this can vary depending on the entrepreneur. Due to the personalized and fast-paced nature of the program, new members could be accepted at any time.

Where: ConnexionWorks, 3rd Floor, 1 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick

You can now pay for programming online: go here