Vennture Garage Saint John

Who: Intended for Individuals with specialized skill set or industry specific knowledge who are seeking to combine their knowledge with business development coaching to create a highly scalable or exportable start-up.

What: Successful applicants will receive extensive resources for the development of their start-up. Participants in the Vennture Garage Saint John Program receive: A ConnexionWorks membership, business skills development coaching, and networking opportunities.  Vennture Garage SJ participants work through four (4) program stages: idea validation, development, testing, and pre-launch. Participants will be expected to move through the program framework on par with program expectations, apply to accelerators, and seek capital investment for the development of their start-up. For more on program expectations, click here: Vennture Garage Program Outline

How:  To be accepted, applicants can call e-mail Dakota Lutes or call him at 639-4041

When: Runs year-round and takes about 12 months to complete, but this can vary depending on the entrepreneur. Due to the personalized and fast-paced nature of the program, new members could be accepted at any time.

Where: ConnexionWorks, 3rd Floor, 1 Germain Street, Saint John, New Brunswick