Thank you to everyone who participated or came out in support of the sessions during Innovation Week 2017. We are already looking ahead to next year, so if you have any ideas for sessions or speakers contact  Here is a look at some of the amazing innovators in Saint John we featured in #FacesofInnovation profiles

Innovator Profile: Mark Breen

Mark Breen Q&A

Innovator Profile: Ries Van Beek

Ries Van Beek Q&A

Innovator Profile: Cait Milberry

Cait Milberry Q & A

Innovator Profile: Matthew Hanlon

Matthew Hanlon Q&A

Innovator Profile: Seth Asimakos

Seth Asimakos Q&A

Innovator Profile: James Stewart

James Stewart Q & A


Innovator Profile: Blair Morgan

Blair Morgan Q & A

Innovator Profile: Tony Dickinson

Tony Dickson Q & A

Innovator Profile: Amy Winchester

Amy Winchester Q & A

Innovator Profile: Marta Kelly

Marta Kelly Q & A

Innovator Profile: Patrick Parent

Patrick Parent Q & A

Innovator Profile: Clare Northcott

Q & A with Clare Northcott