What does it mean to be “connected”?

Our research shows that when people and businesses are well-connected technologically, socially, and geographically, economic growth increases. Connectivity comes from access to high-speed Internet and digital networks, the diversity of local and international relationships, and community engagement in social networks.  It is also reflected in business access to global markets and the ability to collect and stream data for smart decision-making.   With a world-class port and transportation network, proximity to large markets in Canada and the United States, a high-capacity broadband infrastructure, and a nimble and accessible network of highly educated people, we are perfectly poised to be Canada’s Most Connected Community. To increase our connectivity and support growth in our region, Enterprise Saint John wants to build on three of its key strengths to help companies grow:  Our technology, our people and our location.    

Key priorities for 2017:

  • Promote and leverage our technology, our people and our strategic location (multi-modal connections) to global markets.
  • Build on our world-class broadband connectivity and harness the power of data to be competitive in the new economy
  • Develop potential and existing entrepreneurs
  • Develop problem solvers and innovators and connect them to companies to solve corporate challenges, increase competitiveness and encourage innovation.
  • Continue to help companies have access to a pool of skilled talent

Areas of Focus for 2017:

  • Using Big Data to position Saint John Region as a smart and connected community
  • Energy sector

What’s in it for the partners?


  • Accelerated job, investment and tax base growth.

Private sector partners:

  • Expedited investment decisions, improved processes, hiring plans, direct impacts on economic development, accelerated solutions and commercialization.


  • The majority of growth under this approach comes from within the community (80% focus) and big data plays a key role.
  • More clearly defined roles for partners and industry, with clearer shareholder benefits.
  • Puts our economic destiny into the hands of our community.


To find out more about our Connected Community vision, take a look at Smart & Connected Community Data strategy: the Plan, The Possibilities and the Metrics 

To see what drove the creation of the strategy and why Saint John is perfectly poised to be Canada’s Most Connected Community, check out the infographic below

Smart & Connected infographic 2017