Data is the new fuel and Enterprise Saint John is working with organizations to harness the power of data to drive opportunity and economic growth.

Under the leadership of an Advisory Team made up of data experts from Cisco, Bell Aliant, T4G, the University of New Brunswick, City of Saint John, EY, Innovatia, and Mariner Partners, Saint John is poised to be a national leader in data analytics.

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Over the next three years, the Smart and Connected Community data project will build a playground for innovators and researchers where they can use public and private data to solve community and industry challenges using advanced data analytics.  In doing so, companies and organizations will become more competitive and our region will develop data-driven solutions that can be exported around the world.

Saint John is a City of Firsts

Being first is nothing new to Saint John. The city is home to more national firsts than any other community in Canada and has a long history of innovation. Today, we are taking the two century-long history of innovation and using it to create another first – a community asset to leverage public and private data for growth.

The Saint John Community Data Repository – A North American First

This cloud-based platform brings together public and private sector data to enable businesses, start-ups, community organizations and governments to solve problems and work to develop new products and services. It will:

  1. Increase access to data for Saint John’s public and private sectors
  2. Enhance decision-making
  3. Accelerate the development and commercialization of data-driven solutions.

Following access to the Data Repository, clients will be encouraged to share and ‘deposit’ anonymized and aggregated datasets in the Repository to be made available for other projects. In turn, clients will be able to access the Repository in order to combine datasets from the Repository’s multiple sources to gain deeper insights.

Real-Time Data

Beacons are being installed throughout Saint John’s urban core, known as the Uptown, to gather Bluetooth and wireless antenna data from mobile devices, which will be stored in the Community Data Repository and able to be access by clients. The data is also being used in a project known as “Pattern of Life” where this data is visualized to show trends, and patterns and can be correlated with weather and event data.

Business and Community Clients will gain access to:

  • a big data platform to analyze and store data;
  • a variety of data sets, which can be used on its own or be integrated with own-sourced data to develop solutions to company, industry or community challenges;
  • data scientists and data analytics tools, if required, to analyze the data and produce new insights and information to help companies and community organizations increase revenue and efficiencies.

The Benefits for the Saint John Community

  • change the way public and private organizations in Saint John think about data and the value of sharing data.
  • make it easier to assess a question, determine best next steps and then evaluate results over time.
  • Increase the ability for any organization to access data sets that, normally, would be difficult to access.
  • enhance decision making related to public and private investments.
  • encourage and accelerate investments in the city by providing justifications for investments in a way most other communities simply cannot do.
  • uncover and accelerate the commercialization of data-driven solutions which come out of a variety of  Proof-of-Concepts projects.
  • become a model for how other regions can use data to promote growth and investment in their communities.

Become a Part of Saint John’s Export-driven Collaborative Technology Community

If you are ready to accelerate your business growth and want to take advantage of Saint John’s collaborative business culture, its location to export markets and its specialization in data analytics, we are ready to talk with you.  Contact Janet Scott at

To learn more about Saint John’s data analytics’ advantage download our White Paper Saint John: Driving Community and Export Success with Data Analytics.