What is a Smart & Connected Community?

Our research shows that when people and businesses are well-connected technologically, socially, and geographically, economic growth increases. Connectivity comes from:

  • access to high-speed Internet and digital networks
  • the diversity of local and international relationships
  • community engagement in social networks.
  • access to global markets and the ability to collect and stream data for smart decision-making.

With a world-class port and transportation network, proximity to large markets in Canada and the United States, a high-capacity broadband infrastructure, and a nimble and accessible network of highly educated people, we are perfectly poised to be Canada’s Most Connected Community. To increase our connectivity and support growth in our region, Enterprise Saint John wants to build on three of its key strengths to help companies grow:  Our technology, our people and our location.  

The growing I-T sector was one of the driving forces behind the recently announced, Smart & Connected Community Data Strategy. The regional economic development agency, Enterprise Saint John, gathered together thought leaders in the area including data experts from CISCO, Bell Aliant, T4G, Rogers, University of New Brunswick, EY, the City of Saint John. They are collaborating with Discover Saint John and the Saint John Hotel Association.

Over the next three years, three projects will collect data from industry, business, and tourism sectors to develop new technologies to improve efficiency and increase competitiveness of businesses.

The Plan 2017-2020

The Possibilities for Our Technology, Our People & Our Location:


-Data sets and real-time data streaming will be housed in a community data repository where these new and existing data sets may be stored and accessed by researchers and innovators

-The data will be analyzed by data scientists and innovators to produce new insights and information to help companies and organizations increase revenue and efficiency. A number of pilot projects will be launched as companies and organizations explore new business models and application development

– Municipalities will be able to access new data sets and real-time data streaming. It will also support the launch of a Community engagement platform that will connect businesses and residents with Municipalities, by providing important online services and communication via mobile devices. It will also collect and process new data for insights that will allow Municipalities to make more informed decisions that save money and generate new revenue streams.   The data collected will also be available for innovators and researchers to develop new applications and business models for municipalities.


-free, reliable WiFi in the core of the City, as well as a sensor and beacon network to capture important data about how people live in and visit our community.

-This project has the potential to attract and retain businesses as well as technical talent to the region. I-C-T workers are in demand around the world, and a community that can supply companies with a continuous stream of talent will retain and attract new companies to the region.

-Connecting Innovators to companies with corporate challenges could mean companies will be more competitive and build new solutions that could be sold around the world.


-A connected community leverages its geographic advantages to access key markets. New data sets could help us get the information we need to build even better connections between our community and global markets.


The Metrics:

To measure our vision of becoming Canada’s Most Connected Community, we will use the following metrics to track our community’s progress

    • Number of new jobs created
    • Number of startups
    • Number of new investment attraction leads
    • Number of new products, services and processes developed through cross-sector collaboration and access to data
    • Enhanced free WiFi (speed, availability, reliability)


For more details on the 3 projects in Tourism, Business & Industry go here.

Here are a few examples of how Open Data, Big Data & Analytics are creating smart cities that a more connected and livable.

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